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Door Extra's

Vision Panels

Nexdor Systems standard pre-glazed vision panels in doors we use 6.38mm clear laminated glass. We can provide other custom specified glass too, including translucent glass and thicker glass and up to 12.38mm thick. We can also source the full Viridian Range of glass which is used where specified.

Our 5-axis CNC capability means that custom shaped vision panels, including round vision panels can be glazed in our factory.

For fire-rated doors, we can provide our standard vision panels installed as per the Australian Standards 1530.4 and 1905.1 which limit visible area for glass that has an insulation value less than 30 minutes to a maximum area 65,000mm2 when used in fire doors.

Tech Sheets downloads:

For bigger glazing panels in fire doors see our Glazed Fire Door product page