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About Us

The Nexdor Systems ‘Team’ was born out of a desire to keep the Aussie dream alive. A family heart provides the foundation that underpins our approach, vision and promise to our customers.

We believe in high quality products, loyal service, local manufacturing, keeping Aussies in jobs and punching above our weight.

We have a vision to be the supplier of choice for door solutions in VIC, NSW and SA. We know we have got a long way to go, but we work on it every day.

Russel Murray Founder

Customer Promise

Customer promise

On-time delivery to building sites will be normal

Customer promise

Products on-spec, first time

Customer promise

Everyone on-site will know what they are getting and when

Customer promise

Seamless communication from supply chain to finished product

Customer promise

Best-in-market knowledge and products for all your door needs

Family Foundation

In the beginning, our dedicated family business was making high-end, immaculately finished furniture for retail fit outs, private homes and entry halls. As bulk-imported furniture started to take the place of good ol’ Aussie handwork, we decided it was time to shift gears.

In 2005, we turned our machinery and determination toward manufacturing for the building supply industry, and we haven’t looked back.

Now, we work directly with some of Australia’s great builders, installers and architects to design, manufacture and deliver door and frame systems for iconic construction projects big and small.

Every time that someone is impressed with our work, we just smile and say to ourselves... 

'you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.'

Stuart Murray Project Manager

Project Team

Behind your dedicated Project Managers is an integrated team of Nexdor Systems’ own Designers, Production, and Operations team members. Our highly connected model gives us a competitive advantage to deliver the highest levels of service and ultimately on-schedule delivery, every time.