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Internal Doors

Semi Solid Construction

Semi solid flush panels, also known as heavy weights, are used widely in the office fitout industry for interior doors. These doors have a minimum of 6mm thick skins, which give substantially improved acoustic performance when compared to a light weight. The core is simply strips of MDF vertically spaced approx. 200mm apart. We have two internal frame options for these, just plain mdf, or hoop pine & MDF. Hoop pine & MDF together is what we recommend as this is easier to prep hinge checkouts and better screw holding.

There will always be 100mm of ‘meat’ in these door edges; either MDF right through, or 30mm of pine on the outside and the remaining 70mm on the inside to make up the 100mm. This allows sufficient to fit standard mortise locks in.

Semi Solid Construction - Door Thickness

Core / Skin 6 MDF 9 MDF 12 MDF
16 N/A 34 40
18 N/A 36 42
25 37 43 49
32 44 50 N/A