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External Doors

External Doors

HMR XP Faced Doors
Utilize an effective moisture resistant, and high density HDF (high density fibreboard). These skins can be either 3.2mm or 6mm thick, and are a great option for a door facing that requires machining of a patten or grooves as well as giving an ideal primed surface for a grouse paint finish.

Metal / Colorbond Clad Doors
Metal clad external doors are essentially just a timber external door with cladding applied to both faces. This cladding can be zincanneal 0.6mm thick for a paint finish, otherwise we can use Colorbond range to match with project requirements.

Ply Faced
Ply faced exterior doors utilize a high moisture resistant particle board core with KDHW (kiln dried hard wood) perimeter frame which becomes the door edge. Ply facing used is melapi ply 3.6mm thick.

HMR XP Faced Construction - Door Thickness

Core / Skin 3.2 3.6 6
25 31.4 32.2 37
33 39.4 40.2 45