Nexdor Systems Door Warranty

Download the document here: Nexdor Systems Door Warranty

Subject to terms and conditions set forth herein, doors and frames manufactured by Nexdor Systems are guaranteed for five (5) years from the date of delivery by Nexdor Systems to be of good material and workmanship, free from defects which render them unserviceable or unfit for normal use or as specified by purchaser.

Natural variations in the colour, texture or grain pattern of the wood are not to be considered defects. Doors must be accorded reasonable treatment by the purchaser and should be stored or hung in dry buildings and not in damp, moist or freshly plastered areas, where the moisture content of the skins and edge strips may increase abnormally, leading to the development of warp.

The utility or structural strength must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering of the door for lights, louvers, panels or any special detail.

All doors must be inspected by purchaser within 7 days of delivery, should the purchaser not be satisfied with the quality of the doors, Nexdor Systems is to be informed in writing as to the concern prior to the doors being hung and/or having any finish applied to them. If doors are to be replaced, Nexdor Systems will replace the doors as promptly as possible, no installation or finishing costs will be borne by Nexdor Systems under any circumstances. Nexdor Systems is not liable hereunder to reimburse the purchaser for doors repaired or replaced without the written consent of the manufacturer to such repairs or replacement.

No Warranty is given on doors with a leaf size over 2340 mm high or 1020 mm wide. Australian Standard AS 2688-1984 is only applicable to doors with a maximum size 2340mm x 1020mm



Doors must be sealed on all 4 edges and both faces within 7 days of arriving to site with a sealer that will prevent the absorption or expulsion of moisture from the doors, failure to carry this out will void the warranty immediately. Painter and/or paint manufacturer must warrant this sealer.

Immediately prior to hanging the door at least the bottom edge must receive a sealer coat (we recommend an oil based sealer) to prevent absorption and/or expulsion of moisture.

Immediately after the door has been hung, the entire door, including the top edge must receive minimum two coats of paint, varnish or sealer to prevent absorption of moisture and/or shrinkage. Applying water based sealer or worse – watering down water based paint and applying this to a door DOES NOT SEAL THE DOOR.

The objective of painting a door is to seal the timber, so that the absorption or expulsion of moisture is prevented. Your paint supplier should be consulted as to the number of coats required to effectively seal the door.

It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain an ongoing adequate seal, according to the paint supplier’s recommendations to prevent deterioration of the doors.



Warp shall be interpreted as meaning the cupping/twisting of doors. It refers to distortion within the door itself and not its relationship to jambs or frame in which it is hung. Warp-exceeding tolerances noted below should be considered a defect only.

When cupping is determined by applying a straight-edge to the concave face of the door, or when twist is determined by placing the door face against a true plane surface. Dimensions of Doors for all doors up to 2340 high x 1020 wide

Tolerance on nominal size, height +/- 2mm, width +2mm,  -0mm, thickness +1mm, -2mm.

A twist/warp not exceeding 5mm on doors up to 2100 x 900, or 6mm on doors up to 2340 x 1020 shall not be considered a defect.

The warranty is subject to the following matters being excluded as defects:

  1. Variation in geometry of doors, unless not in accordance with AS2688-1984 for squareness and flatness.
  2. Natural variation in colour and texture of timber.
  3. Variation in plywood veneers, unless in accordance with AS2270-2004 or AS2271-2004.
  4. Normal show through, it is not recommended to use high gloss finish where reflected lighting may exaggerate show through. Nexdor Systems will only use HMR particleboard as core material, should the purchaser insist on block board being used as a core material NO GUARANTEE is given.
  5. Doors not accorded reasonable treatment by the purchaser and should be stored flat or hung in dry buildings.

The guarantee against warp does NOT apply to the following:

  1.  Doors with face veneers of different species, or unbalanced facings,  which may result in varying moisture content and/or metal cladding to 1 face only, which will result in varying moisture content through different absorption and shrinkage rates.
  2.  Doors that are improperly hung or which do not swing freely.
  3. External doors painted in dark colours and/or high gloss which allow exposed face to lose moisture through the absorption of heat energy and receive proper finish depending on degree of exposure, including additional protection by flashing, etc.  We strongly recommend that all external doors have a metal channel capping fitted to head, and have a flashing above the head.


Experience has demonstrated that when warp, delamination and/or defects occurs after delivery, it is usually due to improper storage or adverse moisture conditions after hanging, not to faulty manufacture.

Nexdor Systems will accept no responsibility for the development of warp, delamination and/or defects when the moisture content anywhere within any component falls below 10% or exceeds 15%.

Nexdor Systems does not recommend the use of High Gloss Finish paint on solid core panels. Veneer grain showing through a painted finish shall not be considered a defect.

MDF faced doors in external situations or area subjected to moist conditions will void this warranty. Doors being chocked open with blocks and/or wedges after they have been hung which will induce stress on the hinges or worse, pull the hinges off will also immediately void this



Timber door jambs are to be stored flat and dry on site and should be well sealed as soon as practical after installation, no later than 7 days

The use of MDF door jambs whether HMR Prime or Plain is entirely at the customer’s responsibility. A full seal of jambs ends to floor + 100mm above floor is recommended especially in areas where moisture may be present.

We accept NO responsibly whatever for any kind of water damage to timber jambs of any kind. The protection against this is totally on the customer/installer


These are a propriety product and are covered by manufactures warranty and conditions


Installation of all door jambs must comply with BCA specifications for both Fire Rated and Non Rated jambs

Nothing herein contained shall exclude the rights which any purchaser may have as a result of a breach of obligations imposed on manufacturers and suppliers by the Trade Practices Act or similar State or Territory Laws. Nexdor Systems reserves the right to change specifications and price without prior notification.

All claims under this guarantee shall be in writing notifying date and place of purchase and shall be forwarded to the manufacturer within 7 days of the delivery:

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