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Cavity Units

Custom Size Zero Clearance

With our zero clearance cavity units these are supplied with a gap between top of door and track of 5-3mm. No pelmets are required, and this gives a very clean and flush finish to the top of the door. We can make these to suits various wall types and custom requirements. We can make the cavity to suit the wall opening or make the cavity to suit the called-up door size. This is all controlled via a detailed shop drawing process.
We have a range of finishes available for these too, can be set up to suit architraves, P50 shadowline, or the EZY CAVKITS by EZ Concept.
We also have the option to supply this as “Full Height” or “Less than full Height” meaning the difference between the unit being installed floor-to ceiling or if it will just be in a wall. This changes how the head track is set up with plaster coming parallel to the track or perpendicular with it. With the ZC cavities we typically do full height as this gives the look and feel of a ‘moving wall’ with he door panel being floor-to-ceiling.